Outdoor Screening Action
Posted On: 12月 6, 2010
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Outdoor Screening

One thing I particularly remember when Mr. Okishima, a film director, was talking in an event organised by a magazine Film Art. He said he had once lost himself in a fantasy for a while, though he didn’t say what it was. Just an additional information but Okishima used to work on TV scripts for 20 years between his first film in 1969 and the second one in 1989, particularly for ‘Manga Japanese Folklore Tales’ that had 1400 episodes. You could almost say he invented the famous opening phrase “once upon a time…” Anyway, in the talk, he was saying that nowadays, urban development and gentrification dominate all over Japan and there is no land where we can grab with our feet. So much so that we can’t even have fantasies…(0.14)

At today’s screening of his documentary, Mr. Okishima was walking along the Tamagawa canal while people passing by. They were all seeing the same scenery but perhaps differently. You know, the main concern of environmental problem for many is the disappearance of familiar sceneries. But perhaps even more fearsome issue is that the local people’s life, imagination, way of thinking, philosophy, these things are disappearing. So it was meaningful to show this documentary at Miyashita Park where the local government is planning gentrification.(1.18)

People nowadays talk about nature but the nature we have now is so poor. To this extent, our life has become poor. It’s unfortunate but we have nothing else other than this poor nature to hang on to.(2.20)


August 2010 / Miyashita Park, Tokyo
images & sounds / Hikaru Fujii

1min 24sec

Miyashita Park Artist in Residence

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