Endo Mizuki (curator), a marginal hamlet
Posted On: 12月 6, 2010
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Endo Mizuki / curator

You know, I have a dream that one day artist could mean everyone. But such a dream has not come true yet. I still believe that it should be like that and it’s beautiful if everyone could become artist.(0.10) On the one hand, we say artists are somewhat special and talented, but on the other hand, every single person has individuality, idiosyncrasy, and creativity.(0.42:) Artists are special, ordinary people not. But is it really true? Artists are not so special and ordinary people also have originalities and characters. I understand a curator’s job as to make adjustment to communicate them…(1.04) If everyone became artist, then our job as curators should end. I’m hoping such a moment to come in our time. If that was realised, I would feel grateful. I’m working along that line, so I’m certain that I’m at least contributing something.(1.20)


September 2010 / Mukugawa, Shiga
images & sounds / Hikaru Fujii

2min 56sec

Endo Mizuki

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