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Posted On: 12月 6, 2010
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渡辺つむぎ 絵画展

My paintings are about Shiro, the white cat and his home. This one I painted a scene where Shiro was abandoned under Sakura-bashi bridge. There, many of our ‘friends’ live in camping tents. So Shiro started his life with them. He’s so cute. (0.49)

At first, I introduced Shiro to lots of ‘fathers’. For example, this man, he survives by selling discarded tins and cans he collected. Some survive by selling copper taken out of wires and cables, others go to work before dawn. (1.13. )

This one is about Shiro and the moment of cicada’s hatch. I had never such a scene before, but it was when we were guarding the area since one of guys got attacked by a group of strangers several times. It was such an emotional moment so I painted the scene. (1.31.)

Or these are the guys who take Shiro out on their bicycles. For example, this one is about going to free food supply in winter and they sometimes come to this welfare centre with Shiro as well. (1.51)

And if see the paintings over there, these scenes when they got evacuated from Sakura-bashi bridge. So we were compelled to migrate to elsewhere and moved all the possessions together. (2.07)

Actually, this is not the end. I wanted to conclude this exhibition with the painting I’m currently working on. You know the Tokyo Skytree, the new landmark tower, right? It’s been constructed near here. As it gets taller and taller, the gentrification of this area also intensifies. So I decided to depict a scene where our friends battle against bureaucrats from the city council to send a message that here is the home for our friends and Shiro despite the hardship. But it’s such a hard work and I couldn’t finish it before the exhibition. I’m charging energy, right now. (2.40)


July 2010 / Sanya, Tokyo
images & sounds / Hikaru Fujii

3min 12sec

渡辺つむぎ 絵画展【シロんち展】

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